Friendship vibes
Fake, friends, believe, roumers, real, you

Fake friends believe in roumers, real friends believe in you.

Life vibes
One day, you, memory, people, best, good

One day, you will just be a memory to some people. Do your best yo be a good one.

Friendship vibes
Everyone, future, people, passing, teach, you, lessons, life

Not everyone will make it to your future. Some people are just passing through to teach you lessons in life.

Friendship vibes
You, people, happy, real, appreciate,

You don’t need too many people to be happy, just a few real ones who appreciate you for who you are.

Friendship vibes
Good, friends, stars, see,

Good friends are like stars. You don’t always see them, but you know they are always there.

Life vibes
Stand, you, bad times, deserve, good times

If they stand by you during the bad times, they deserve to be there during the good times

Relationship vibes
Sometimes, distance, yourself, people, care, notice, stand

Sometimes you just need to distance yourself from people. If they care they will notice. If they don’t, you know where they stand.

Feelings vibes
Painful, goodbye, someone, you, let go, painful, ask, someone, stay, leave

It’s painful to say goodbye to someone you don’t wan’t to let go, but more painful to ask someone to stay when you know they wan’t to leave.

Friendship vibes
Best, person, life, first, mind, reading

The best person in your life is the one who comes first in your mind after reading this.

Life vibes
People, come, go, life, seeing, cares, stay

People come and go, but life is simply about seeing who cares enough to stay

Relationship vibes
Life, short, waste, time, anyone, appreciate, you

Life is too short to waste time with anyone who doesn’t fully appreciate you.

Relationship vibes
Meet, someone,hardest, stick, you, difficult

When you meet someone who tries their hardest to stick by you regardless of how difficult you are, keep them.

Life vibes
Our, generation, lost, value, romance, trust, conversation, sadly, talk, small, new, deep

Our generation has lost the value of romance, the value of trust, the value of conversation, sadly small talk is the new deep.

Friendship vibes
Give, them, attention, phone

Give them the attention that you give your phone.

Relationship vibes
Feel, sad, someone, gave up, you, sorry, never, them

Don’t feel sad over someone who gave up on you, feel sorry for them because they gave up on someone who would have never given up on them.

Inspirational vibes
You, deserve, someone,cares,spent, life, people, happy, leave,

You deserve someone who actually cares about you, because you have spent your entire life making other people happy when all they did was to leave you.

Life vibes
People, change,feelings, fade, things, wrong, memories,life, remain, go

People change, feelings fade, things go wrong, memories remain, but life goes on.

Friendship vibes
We, waste, time, effort, people, end, prove, everyone

We waste so much time and effort into certain people and in the end they just prove to be like everyone else.

Relationship quotes
Beg, anyone, stay, life,stay, part of life

Don’t beg for anyone to stay in your life. If they want to be part of your life, they will stay.

Friendship vibes
Craziest, thing,watching,someone, knew,wish, met

The craziest thing ever is to watch someone you thought you knew, completely become someone you wish you never met.

Relationship quotes
Best thing, life, finding, someone, flaws, mistakes, knows, weaknesses, amazing, think

The best thing in life is finding someone who knows all your flaws, mistakes and weaknesses and still thinks you are completely amazing.

Life vibes
Things, friends, change, leave, life, anybody

Things change and friends leave. Life doesn’t stop for anybody, and neither should you.

Relationship quotes
Someone, worst, look, best, suggest, worth, keeping

When someone sees you at your worst and still thinks you look your best, i suggest, that’s someone worth keeping.

Friendship vibes
Look, friends, going, things, heavy, say, take care

Please look after your friends. Sometimes they are going through things that are really heavy. They may not say but they are. Take care of them.

Friendship quotes
Talking, old, friend, realize, life, changed

Talking to an old friend makes you realize how much your life has changed.

Friendship quotes
Disappointment, defend, someone, long, thinking, different, turn out, everyone

Its’s such a disappointment when you defend someone for so long thinking they are different and they turn out to be just like everyone said.

Relationship quotes
Rare, someone, love, smiles, you, people, gems

It’s rare to find someone with so much love in them, someone who smiles at you with a genuine smile. Those people are gems. Hold onto them.

Friendship quotes
Friendship,walked, life, proved it, known,

Friendship isn’t about who you have known the longest. It’s about who walked into your life, said “i’m here for you”, and proved it.

Relationship quotes
Someone, you, reason, way, effort

If someone wants to see you, they will find a reason, they will find a way, and they will make the effort.

Relationship, good vibes
You, relationship goal, someone, motivate, potential, better,

Your only relationship goal should be; to be with someone who motivates you to become a better person and shows you the potential you don’t see in yourself.